A Riotous Teach-In

The coalition government has launched a multi-front assault on education in Britain. Schools, colleges, universities, libraries, nurseries, youth programmes – all the places where we learn, teach, think and critique, from cradle to grave – have been targeted for a calculated offensive amounting to nothing less than an educational kettle. Join us for a collaborative teach-in to build the resistance and strategise a more progressive, inclusive, just educational future.

Time: Monday 6 December 2010, 10-9
Place: Goldsmiths NAB Lower Concourse

Provisional Schedule

Please note that we have a large, open, flexible space to work with and at several points during the day we will be running concurrent events. This is a teach-in rather than a conference, so we envision collaborative, participatory sessions where workshop leaders lend their expertise to the group discussion. Please come to share ideas, debate and above all organise.


What’s with the Squirrels?

The same week which saw the publication of the dreaded Browne Review, the second floor of the Anthropology Department at Goldsmiths was commandeered by squirrels who chewed through the wiring in the loft above, interrupting power the length and breadth of the building. Shortly thereafter, mysterious signs began appearing around the department depicting squirrels calling for direct action. Our Uncut movement has duly adopted them as an unofficial mascot. Now, if we could only round them up and set them to work in Westminster….